Centre A: Our partner in Vancouver, Canada


Centre A (Vancouver, Canada) and the RAT school of ART have established an annual exchange and residency program. This collaboration highlights the role of contemporary artists in transnational, Asia-Canada relationship building, and creates new opportunities for cultural productivity, and the contestation and contemplation of ideas.


The RAT school of ART is hosting every year a Canadian artist or culture-maker in a residency. The selected resident will take part in RAT’s study program from March 15 to June 15.  For the duration of the residency, RAT  provides the resident with free tuition as well as free accommodation in an apartment in the heart of Jongno-District, downtown Seoul. The resident will be given the opportunity to present their work, research or performances as part of the RAT public lecture program.


In exchange, Centre A hosts an exhibition in Vancouver with one or more participants from the RAT school of ART program, in August every year.


Centre A is a leading public art gallery situated in the heart of Vancouver’s Chinatown. Centre A’s purpose is to be an engaged participant in the ongoing production of a pluralistic and democratic society. It strives to activate contemporary art’s vital role in building and understanding the long and dynamic Asia-Canada relationship, while tackling questions of broader concern from Asian and Asian-diasporic perspectives. While playing an active role in community enlivenment and conviviality, Centre A is a culturally productive local and trans-national community building apparatus that acts as a conduit for the contest of ideas and a site for the contemplation of issues of contemporary concern.




Tyler Russel, Director Centre A in discussion with RAT members

Alex Grünenfelder, Artist in Residence 2016 gives a talk at RAT

Chanmin Jeong and Hayn Moon (RAT members), exhibition at Centre A, 2016

Exhibition View Unpackaged Garden, 2016

Chanmin Joeng, RAT member since 2015

Hayn Moon, RAT member since 2015

Hayn Moon, RAT member since 2015